Friday, September 6, 2013

Utah grandparents came to town

Mimi and Papa were here for a week at the end of August.  You probably said 'Mimi' and 'Papa' about a thousand times that week.  You're quite the chatter box.

The power went out the first night.
We went to your friends Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party.
 We went to a USA party for mom and dad's British friend who just became a citizen.

 We had lunch at the train station.

 You made a new friend, and when he was telling Garrett he didn't want him to leave, you came to G's defense and stood up to the boy.  But you were laughing too hard to be too threatening.

We went to the beach.  I'm so glad you love it now.  And you really, really love it. A little to brave in the ocean for my liking, actually.

 Monsters, Inc. is your favorite movie, and you were pretending to be a monster.
 It was hot and you were tired, but you didn't want to leave.

We went to a street market.  You wanted to hold hands in the car, but I couldn't reach so you settled for my toe.

 We went to Knott's Berry Farm.  You're still too short for most rides, but you still had fun.

 Pretend robbers came on the train ride and told us all to put our hands up.  You were very obedient.

 It was hot.  Wet bandanas saved the day.
 We went to 'Planes'.  You were well behaved, but I don't think you looked at the screen much.
 We went to Parnell Park to see the animals, but spent most of the time trying to get wet.

And we stopped for giant snow cones on the way home.
We stayed busy and had a fun week!

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